Staggering Consumer Debt Nearing Recession Levels

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The U.S. debt is the sum of all outstanding debt owed by the federal government. On February 11, 2019, it exceeded $22 trillion. It passed the milestone of $21 trillion on March 15, 2018. The U.S. Treasury Department’s "Debt to the Penny" shows the current total public debt outstanding.This figure changes every day.

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The subprime mortgage crisis combined with credit card debt restrictions curtailed debt as a source of funds. high unemployment cut back on wages. Many people have never caught up. As a result, consumer spending may not recover to pre-recession levels.

You might not realize the level of risk you are taking. t facing the same financial risks now that it did before the Great.

(Source: "Household Debt And Credit Report (Q2 2017)," Federal Reserve Bank of New York, last accessed November 7 2017.) First-Time Home Buyers Refrain from Buying. But don’t just stop here. There’s more evidence suggesting that American consumers are struggling and that the economy could be closing in on a recession.

America’s impending debt crisis.. auto, and mortgage debt are at or near all-time highs.. as the economy stalls in the next recession, the debt-based crisis could morph into a banking and a.

And what is going to happen when the economy goes into a recession? If people are already struggling to make their payments in this supposedly booming economy, what will happen when it crashes? Peter also pointed out that consumers normally pay off debts when the economy is strong. And yet consumer debt continues to climb.

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Inverted curves are remarkably reliable harbingers of recessions: They have occurred before each of the past five downturns.

 · A staggering number of Americans now say they may miss a credit card payment this year. Consumer debt is at an all-time high.. per capita debt levels are up only 1.3% in the past.

We think a more aggressive approach will be needed to mitigate the risk of recession in the U.S. We. The elevated levels of business uncertainty aren’t likely to sow the seeds of irrational.

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