Republican tax deal is a monstrosity

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Leave it to Republican leaders in Congress to combine some of the worst parts of the horrible House and Senate tax bills and produce a true monstrosity. How bad is the deal announced Wednesday.

Americans for Tax Fairness led a coalition of hundreds of partner organizations in our joint efforts to expose the cruelty of the Trump-GOP tax scam. That scam.

The republican tax bill Is Great If You’re A Rich, Jobless Heir If you want to make economic inequality much, much worse, this is the tax plan for you. [photo: chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Better a sane leftist than an ideological monster! But we need. ideological reality will push the GOP further to the Left in some ways, for the same reason Reaganism ended up pushing the Democrats.

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Schumer Statement on GOP Tax Bill. The Republican Party will never again be the party of tax cuts for the middle class. With the passage of this tax bill, today will be the first day of a new Republican party – one that raises taxes on the middle class, abandoning its principles for its political paymasters.

Republicans try to create a safe space for political double talk.. by a series of tax changes, no one of which is that big a deal in itself, Nobody really knows; probably even the people who wrote this monstrosity don't know.

History The Republican Tax Bill Is a Poison Pill That Kills the New Deal. Today’s Republicans would have fit right into Herbert Hoover’s administration.

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Senate rules prohibit the G.O.P.'s current monstrosity from passing with anything. To sell their tax plan, congressional Republicans and the Trump.. week appointed a six-man commission to negotiate a deal regarding up to.

6 days ago. 23 Rs and 5 Ds voted against the budget deal: GOP: Blackburn. such as securing our southern border, cutting taxes, and reducing regulations.

He says his import tax “amounts to a good deal for America. A truly pr0-growth GOP tax proposal would be all about relentlessly reducing federal receipts, not maintaining a $4 trillion monstrosity.

Budget Betrayal Majority of Senate Republicans vote to send budget ‘monstrosity’ to President Trump’s desk ZZZ Every day there is a GOP debate while conservatives snooze BORDER CRISIS Border Patrol agents in one sector apprehended 225 border-crossers in a single morning this week

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