Perks of overpaying a home loan

What Are the Advantages to Overpaying Your Mortgage? Lower the amount of interest paid. If you overpay your mortgage and direct all. Shorten the time needed to end up mortgage-free. build equity. Any amount of money that you put towards the principal amount.

Buying a home may be the biggest debt you’ll ever incur. Learn the benefits to having a mortgage repayment plan and find out the pros, the cons, and why you should retire it sooner, rather than later.

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Got a mortgage? Then make sure you understand what overpaying is, how it works and why it’s one of the most effective personal finance strategies. Plus, learn why even small amounts of money such as 50 a month can take years off a mortgage.

The benefits of overpaying your mortgage Overpaying on your mortgage will reduce the total amount you’ll pay in interest and could take years off the length of the mortgage. Adding 10% to the average monthly mortgage would be just 59 according to comparethemarket, while it would save 1,870 in interest and reduce the mortgage term by one year and four months.

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To demonstrate, if you are currently paying an interest rate of 3% on your mortgage and your savings account is paying you 1% then you could be better off overpaying your mortgage as it is costing you more in interest then you are earning on your savings. 10,000 of mortgage debt at 3% interest will cost you 300 a year.

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You could be mortgage-free sooner than you think Making overpayments can be a great way to save money over the term of your mortgage. If you choose to pay more than your minimum monthly mortgage payment or pay off a lump sum you will reduce your outstanding balance, save money in interest payments and could reduce the term of your mortgage.

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Fees can be as high as 5% of the overpaid amount. You may find that this cost cancels out or exceeds the benefits of overpaying. Many lenders allow overpayments of up to 10% of the outstanding amount each year during the term of a fixed rate mortgage.

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