Opinion | Democrats must keep talking about Jared Kushner’s incompetence

Helaine Olen: Democrats must keep talking about Jared Kushner’s incompetence Okay, I admit it: I can’t stop watching highlights of Jared Kushner’s interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan on HBO on Sunday night.

Jared Kushner’s White House security clearance should be "Re-evaluated" after the revelation that he attended a now notorious meeting with Donald Trump Jr and a Russian lawyer, according to a former White House ethics tsar.

An attorney representing a man shot by police in May is asking a Montgomery County judge to recall an arrest warrant and schedule a hearing instead due to the extent of his client’s injuries.

They are among a shrinking group of the country’s most celebrated men and women and Wednesday morning they were escorted through crowds at Detroit Metropolitan Airport in wheelchairs while being.

Jared Kushner’s "SWAT Team": Early Contender for Dumbest Idea of the Week.. it is important to keep a few facts in mind. Reconciliation must be tied to a budget resolution and can only be used once in any fiscal year. Because of that, Republicans didn’t use the reconciliation process.

It is also apparent that a two-state solution would likely not be worth the bloodshed and chaos it would cause. So why keep up the charade? Most American diplomats will, in their more candid hours,

Real Deals: Four questions for the Triangle real estate market in 2016 We look at some of the likely scenarios and analyse them, considering that the risk-return scenario is unfavourable in the current market and there are no real deals that are steals. bulk deals. One scenario is when developers stuck with unsold inventory offer bulk-buy discounts. For example, you may be offered four flats for the price of three.

Many on the Alt-Right have been crying for Kushner’s head for months now. So now that there may be some action taken on Kushner’s status in the White House, test your intuition about whether that is a good thing or a bad thing for the Trump movement. Scroll down for the answer.

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AOC’s Dumb Economics And Dangerous Politics Protesters gather outside governor’s mansion to protest higher education cuts And, as a retiree, he was drawn to the idea that the solar panels would be a hedge against higher utility. Pro-solar protesters, including skip spreitzer and, at times, hundreds of solar workers,Norway’s Economic Outlook in Seven Charts Norway’s krone is headed for its worst week this year as U.S. President donald trump ratcheted up threats in a trade war with China, roiling global commodities. The krone is down about 2% this week,Increasingly, economic and political inequality in America is interlaced, analysts say, leaving many more people poorer and voiceless.. The costs of inequality: Increasingly, it’s the rich and the rest. "Smart poor kids are less likely to graduate from college now than dumb rich kids.

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