Nation’s top credit union adopts CertifID for wire fraud prevention – CUInsight

As credit and debit card fraud continues to rise nationwide, the need for fraud prevention services becomes increasingly necessary. Take the Worry out of Plastic Card Fraud At Corning Credit Union, we are taking steps to combat fraud by utilizing a fraud prevention service.

Best Practices to Prevent Wire Transfer Fraud. Develop and adhere to company-wide policies designed to increase employee awareness and to the prevention of wire transfer fraud that incorporate some or all of the following best practices: * Requests for changes, immediate action, or lack of availability by phone should be met with intense scrutiny.

This credit union is an Equal Housing Lender, we make loans without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, or familial status. 2019 Credit Union of Colorado, A Federal Credit Union.

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currencies, consider wire transfers instead. 16. Manual Wires:Fax and telephone instructions are not a secure way of communicating. Instead, use an online wire payment service with security features such as authentication devices and fixed template payees. Best Practices In Fraud Prevention

The articles in Northern Credit Union’s Fraud Prevention Center educate you about fraud, teach you how to avoid it, and give you advice on what to do if your identity is stolen.

At East Idaho Credit Union we have a number of security measures in place that protect you from these thieves. Knowing our policies can help protect you even further. Our eBranch features Dual Authentication, 256 bit encryption, and Account Lockout, all in the name of protecting your assets.

At Alliance Credit Union, we believe the best way to protect yourself from fraud is to become familiar with the many techniques that criminals use to gain access to your account information. Fraud Prevention Types of Fraud Fraud Alerts

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Credit unions should consider establishing a monetary threshold for this purpose. The threshold should reflect the credit union’s risk tolerance in accepting wire transfer requests by phone, fax and email. Members requesting wire transfers that exceed the threshold would be required to make the request in-person at a branch office.

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