Front Street is ‘overflowing.’ Three people are covering adoption fees to get pets home

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Front street animal shelter is overloaded and needs your help! The shelter is open five days a week, and every day, more and more animals crowd their facilities. They’re even multiplying, with a litter of puppies having been born the night our most recent visit! Every pet adoption from Front Street includes spay/neuter surgery, ID tag and collar,

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The Front Street Animal Shelter welcomes monetary donations, as well as in-kind donations of dog and cat food, blankets, toys, gas cards and other items; see their complete wish list for details. For a more hands on experience become one of their valued volunteers or pet fosters. Adoption Fees Include: Spay/neuter Heartworm test

Front Street is ‘overflowing.’ Three people are covering adoption fees to get pets home | The Sacramento Bee. 81. Front Street Animal Shelter, 2127 front st. in Sacramento, is overflowing with pets and has free adoptions for adult pets through the end of the year, thanks to three donors: Kim Pacini-Hauch, Matthew Cole and Janet Percevic Rollofson.

Pacini-Hauch’s sweet and powerful gesture has already made a huge difference in the lives of the animals at Front Street Shelter. After the shelter announced that adoption fees would be waived thanks to her generosity, all of the cats in the shelter were quickly adopted, along with 21 of the shelter’s dogs.

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That’s not what it’s like at Graceful Adoptions. With Graceful Adoptions there really is a difference. Honest and Upfront Communications – The adoption process is emotional enough without your agency contributing to it. We don’t like surprises and we assume you don’t either.

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