Do condos appreciate as fast as single-family homes? Answer may surprise you

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While a small condo can be an affordable way to get out of renting and begin building equity in your home, it has to be the right condo. The rumor that condos do not appreciate as fast as single-family homes is false; according to the National Association of Realtors condos have routinely outpaced single-family homes in appreciation.

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Condo sales in Dallas are outpacing single-family home sales. Photo courtesy of Candy’s Dirt Ever since the recession, condos have suffered under the stigma of low and slow appreciation.

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Condos are appreciating faster than single-family homes accross the US. This is especially prominent in areas with thriving job markets and ongoing urban renewal. Condo are appreciating at a rate of 5.1 percent compared to the 3.7 percent appreciation for single family homes.

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Appreciation on single family homes vs multi family. 10 Replies. though I may be leaving appreciation on the table by doing so.. Don’t be greedy take advantage of what you have and move on otherwise appreciation will continue and you will never decide to benefit from it..

We agree with Marian’s and town homes typically do no appreciate as quickly as single family homes. The question we would follow with is are you buying for investment purposes? Everyone should buy with resale in mind but your happiness and quality of life in the new home is of value as well.

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